4th Amendment What Constitutes An Illegal Search And Seizure?

What is Illegal Search and Seizure? The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects our right against an illegal search and seizure, but what does this mean exactly? Illegal searches and seizures occur without proper authorization by legal authorities for the search or when a search or seizure is conducted outside of the boundaries instituted […]

Role Of The Jury In A Criminal Defense Case Houston, TX.

The Role of the Jury in a Criminal Case The right to a trial by jury is guaranteed in the U.S. Bill of Rights. It’s one of the many rights intended to protect citizens against an oppressive government. It plays an important role in our justice system. A jury trial is guaranteed to anyone 18 […]

Scales Of Justice And Entrapment Houston Texas Criminal Defense Attorney.

What is Entrapment?

What Does Entrapment Mean? Entrapment is a word you’ve likely heard before, but not everyone understands what it means and how it can be used as a criminal defense. Entrapment refers to the interaction between a defendant and law enforcement before or during a crime. If it can be shown that law enforcement used coercion […]

Secrets Of The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys And Lawyers.

Secrets of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys The best criminal defense attorneys do their best to ensure a defendant’s rights are protected. No matter the crime a person is charged with, they are guaranteed a fair trial with legal representation. Criminal defense lawyers work to make sure this happens and that any client they represent […]

The Essential Twenty-Five Criminal Law Changes Starting September 1, 2019.

New Criminal Law Changes in Texas Laws Criminal Law Changes Hundreds of new laws take effect on September 1, 2019. However, there are twenty-five bills that most people should be keenly aware of and that will affect the day-to-day practice of criminal lawyers, prosecutors, judges, and of course, defendants and victims alike. Perhaps of most […]

Scales Of Justice Houston Criminal Defense Attorney.

Necessity as a Defense in Criminal Law Cases It is rare to have an affirmative defense in a criminal case. Thus, understanding defenses that are available to you as a statutory right is crucial. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you understand whether an affirmative defense, or necessity defense, is an option in your […]

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