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Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Gary Tabakman handles all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor State cases to serious Federal crimes.

Mr. Tabakman handles representation at every level of criminal allegations. This includes criminal investigation, bail proceedings, grand jury representation, pretrial hearings, court appearances and preparing for and proceeding to trial with a thorough and prepared defense. Mr. Tabakman is also experienced in post-conviction matters, which include appeals and writs of habeas corpus at the State and Federal level, parole hearings at the State level, and Expunctions and Non-Disclosures of criminal history.

Mr. Tabakman is proud to represent people who are faced with criminal charges and gives personal attention each step of the way. He understands that criminal charges can result in life-changing penalties upon conviction and will disclose all information to you upfront to avoid drastic outcomes. Mr. Tabakman is also incredibly committed to those individuals who are incarcerated and frequently visits clients in custody throughout Texas and the country in Federal Cases.

Finding the right lawyer for your case can be hard. Call Gary Tabakman at 713-429-1624 today to set up a free consultation and case evaluation.

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