Secrets of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Secrets Of The Best Criminal Defense Attorneys Houston, TX. Secrets of the Best Criminal Defense Attorneys

The best criminal defense attorneys do their best to ensure a defendant’s rights are protected. No matter the crime a person is charged with, they are guaranteed a fair trial with legal representation. Criminal defense lawyers work to make sure this happens and that any client they represent is treated as the law dictates.

The best Houston criminal defense attorneys don’t win every case by any means. However, they do make sure that even those whose cases did not have a favorable outcome are treated fairly and within the letter of the law.

They take the time to get to know their clients and understand the case. They also conduct a full investigation of the case. Once they understand the situation a client is facing, they provide honest and straightforward advice about his or her rights and options. They’ll offer information about the best strategy to take and provide a reasonable assessment of what the client can expect.

What are some of the secrets criminal defense attorneys have up their sleeves to help them when a client’s fate is on the line?

Common Ground with the Client

The best Houston criminal defense attorneys do their best to bond with clients. This can be challenging when a client is accused of serious crimes. However, it’s an important part of presenting a case.

Most experienced defense attorneys will tell you that no matter the accusations against the client, there’s always a way to relate to the person and find common ground. Building a bond with a client means he or she will trust you and it will strengthen the case.

Criminal defense attorneys also understand that their job is to ensure that the rights of their client are protected. Lawbreaker or not, every person is guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution. This includes the legal right to be represented “zealously by the bounds of the law.” It is a criminal defense attorney’s job to provide this to every one of his or her clients.


Houston criminal defense attorneys who are good at their jobs are experts when it comes to juries. They know how to choose jurors that give their clients the best shot at a favorable outcome. They also know how to assess jurors throughout the proceedings. Most defense attorneys can feel how a trial is going. They will know whether they need to change their approach or if what they are doing is working.

The process of interviewing jurors is known as Voir Dire. Many criminal defense lawyers take pride in their ability to evaluate jurors during this process and select the ones that will be most favorable to their clients. It’s one of the most critical aspects of any trial and requires a great deal of insight and intuition. The brief time lawyers get to speak to potential jurors gives them an opportunity to identify bias. They will eliminate any jurors that pose a danger or problem.

Skilled defense lawyers can identify jurors who have a predisposition against the prosecution. However, they must do this without looking unsympathetic to what the plaintiff endured. Defense attorneys go second in jury selection. They often need to adapt or adjust their tactics based on how the prosecution handled their part. They must also be careful listeners and understand how to make sense of the answers that are given.

In general, the best jurors for the defense are those the prosecution doesn’t want participating, but this can be tough. The more a potential juror can identify with the defendant the better, which means that even if the juror might have acted differently and not been accused of a crime, they can at least understand what led to a defendant’s potentially criminal actions.

Clients Working Against Themselves

There’s a reason why defense attorneys encourage clients to not say anything to law enforcement when they are alone. Staying silent isn’t just a guaranteed right, it’s an important part of not screwing up your case. Most people who have been arrested who share information with the police without an attorney present end up being charged.

Many people do not realize that once they have been charged and they are awaiting trial, anything they say can still be used against them. The best criminal defense attorneys protect you from the moment you request a lawyer after your arrest through the end of the trial and beyond, if necessary. They work to prevent you from hurting your case and making your situation worse than it already is.

Public Opinion

It’s not just the opinions of those in the courtroom that matter – public opinion matters too. Houston criminal defense attorneys keep a close eye on the general mood concerning their case, especially if it’s high-profile enough to garner media coverage. They watch the news, they study headlines, and they consider how these things will affect jurors. It’s all part of doing their due diligence.

Criminal cases that get media attention can create tension and make it difficult for a defendant to get a fair trial. Our open court system is important, but it can create challenges when it comes to protecting a defendant’s right to trial by an impartial jury.

Defense attorneys must know when to raise concerns with the court and propose that a change be made to protect their client’s rights. For instance, a case might be transferred to a different location or a gag order might be levied in an effort to protect the defendant’s right to a fair trial.

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