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It is no surprise that with the stay at home orders have drastically decreased Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges in Harris County. With bars and restaurants closed, happy hour goers and night-time adventures have been sidelined. The numbers have been especially low during March and April in Houston; with an approximately 45% decrease in alcohol […]

Federal Prosecutions for COVID-19

Since this crisis began in Texas over a month ago, change has been the only constant. Many prosecutions in the federal system have been suspended for the time-being, but investigations still continue. Furthermore, federal agents and the United States Attorney’s Offices are proactively following up on tips for fraud in connection with COVID-19. Times of […]

As cases continue to rise of COVID-19 in Harris County, a better plan needs to be put in place to assure the safety and well-being of inmates and jail staff. Non-violent inmates with bonds set under $10,000 need to be released from Harris County jails immediately. Currently, there is no plan in place to protect […]

Criminal Defense Attorneys and Mental Health Professionals Often Work Together on Criminal Defense Cases Those who have been charged with crimes can benefit when their attorneys work with mental health therapists. There are also long-term benefits for the criminal justice system in general when defense attorneys and mental health professionals, including addictions counselors, work as […]

conspiracy no agreement

Conspiracy Charges A conspiracy is a crime involving two or more people working together to achieve a common outcome. Even if they do not commit the crime to completion, they can be charged with conspiracy if they plan and take action to move their plan forward. It’s even possible for someone to be charged with […]

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No Refusal Weekends With the holiday season right around the corner, No-Refusal Weekends are likely to be something you hear about. Law enforcement agencies proclaim a weekend will be ‘No Refusal,’ which implies that anyone suspected of drunk driving will not have the option of refusing a chemical test. In theory, during a No Refusal […]

Scales of Justice

What is an Allen Charge?

Origin of the Allen Charge An Allen Charge might not be something you’ve heard about before unless you spend a lot of time in the courtroom or you’ve served on a jury. An Allen Charge is issued by a judge when juries deadlock and can’t reach a verdict. It’s intended to avoid a mistrial. Some […]

The 5th Amendment The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides several rights that offer protection for people involved in a criminal investigation. Despite being part of our collection of basic rights and often referred to in media and popular culture, there is a great deal of misunderstanding about the Fifth Amendment. What Does the […]

handcuffs and gavel

Finding and Getting a Job after a Felony Conviction If you were convicted of a felony and now you’re trying to rebuild your life, you already know how challenging it can be. This is especially true when it comes to finding employment. The most simple answer to whether or not someone convicted of a felony […]

4th Amendment

What is Illegal Search and Seizure? The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects our right against an illegal search and seizure, but what does this mean exactly? Illegal searches and seizures occur without proper authorization by legal authorities for the search or when a search or seizure is conducted outside of the boundaries instituted […]

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